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Réduction 99,00€ 69,30€ TTC - 82,50€ 57,75€ HT soit 30,00% de remise

6.0 Farad Capacitor - 2,8kg
280 mm Height x 100 mm Diameter

Protection Top Electronic
Protection Plexi Top Cover
4 Digit blue Voltage Display
various Installation Hardware

New ENERGETIC Power Cell Boosters or Capicators are fully redesigned and improved from 2015. Featuring 5 models from 0.5 Farad up to 6 Farad in 3 different Heights, in 2 different Diameters, target to cover all MAX and MIN demands in size and performance. Shipping with various installation accessoires and mounting harness, as well an additional Plexi Top Cover to secure wiring against probable short cut. Featuring 4 Digit blue LCD digital Voltage Display with optional adjustment of its Voltage and automatical TURN ON/OFF.

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